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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Akala Ng Boyfriend Niya Joke Lang Ang Sinabi ng Girlfriend Pero Nagulat Ang Lahat

Being a husband and wife, there must be a good foundation for a lasting relationship. For the lasting and forever relationship that each of the couples vows at the altar to love one another. They must have trust, constant communication and respect with each other for a long lasting relationship. It is the center of their relationship must be their love for each other that will strengthen their relationship together with their well understanding and cooperation for every problem they are facing and encountering. Every relationship must have a give and take condition so that there will be no taking advantage with each other and the relationship will last longer and possibly the popular promise and vows in the wedding day 'Till death do us part'. In one video which makes many rounds on the social media and was posted on the Facebook Page 'Shanghaiist' went viral that shocked the netizens and their neighborhood that occurred between two Chinese couple.
It seems that the wife gives warning to her husband to crazily jump off to a bridge if her husband doesn't permit her to scrutinized his cell phone. Based on the post of Shanghaiist, the wife is suspecting her husband that he was cheating and that's the reason why she is insisting on checking her husband's cellphone. From the video, it was shown that the wife was shouting fiercely with her husband. And seemingly talking to her husband that she would jump off the bridge if her request was not granted. A multitude of their neighbor was in the area witnessing the embarrassing incident between the two Chinese couple. After a while, the police and rescue authorities suddenly arrived behind the woman and requesting her to stop her insane action against her husband.
The woman stood in the middle of the bridge which is much far from the authorities. In addition to the scene that some other resue workers were standing and waiting to save the woman if she will jump off the bridge. The husband doesn't grant her request and slowly come nearer to his wife and immediately grabbed her and bring to the end of the bridge. Sometimes there was an instance that the woman nearly falls off the bridge but fortunately, the husband together with some concern people safely took the woman out of the bridge. Let us know your comments and ideas regarding the crazy action of the woman and the refusal of the husband regarding her wife's request.


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