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Sunday, March 5, 2017

ATTENTION FOR ALL CONSUMER!!! FDA Admits That Chicken You Eat Everyday May Have Chemicals That Cause Cancer

Chicken is the most consumed meat all over the world. We like eating it, from fried chicken or just a simple ingredients in our soups. However, do you really know what those chickens are from? Or what process it goes through before it lands on our tables?
This article will bring awareness to all people who loves to eat white meat.
Inorganic arsenic is a cancer causing chemical which FDA knew all along that this kind of chemical are actually present in the chicken we bought in store. They said that Arsenic may actually be in chicken meat, and when taken in high dosages it can really harm people and that can be fatal.
Arsenic is natural element which acts as metal.
FDA knew that the chicken in our supermarkets contains arsenic. Poultry farms inject it into the 70% of chicken consumed by many people, to boosts growth of chicken. In result to this, we can have a healthy color chicken meat and packed meat as well.
The FDA conducted a study and they said that 50% of chicken are positive with arsenic content in their livers. And over the long run consuming food with arsenic will lead to a more serious condition such as diabetes and heart disease.
Roxaesone is drug with rich content of toxic arsenic that's why Pfizer stop the production of it. Roxarsne effect on chicken is making the meat seem fatter and remove the healthy pink color of the chicken meat. The other poultry farms or the production industry doesn't wan to reveal the truth behind the arsenic and how harmful it is for our health.
In health reports, children and fetuses in womb of mothers are the most affected in taking food with arsenic. Arsenic is four times harmful than mercury. FDA should be the one protecting us from this but clearly they can't do their job well.
In addition, experts say that people who eat rice that has arsenic has higher risk of getting Bowen disease or squamous cell carcinoma, can affect lungs, bladder, kidney and may fall to cancer.
What is the alternative for store-bought chicken that has arsenic?
There is more meat you can purchase and consume not only chicken, there is beef and pork meat, duck and turkey and many more. But if you really like chicken and looking for an alternative for it, you can try organic chicken.


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