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Sunday, March 5, 2017

BE ALERT! Lola Suspek Na Sangkot Sa Pangingidnap ng Bata! Di ka makapaniwala sa kanyang Modus

In the streets of Manila, there are lots of people who victimize commuters and other pedestrians. The most common ones are extortionists, kidnappers, r*pists, and robbers.
However, there are also those who use their appearance in order to fool people into thinking that they’re innocent and have good intentions, but do not.

Such is the case of this old woman, who was spotted by netizen Len Q. Paus in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. Paus narrated that she encountered the old woman around 7:30 in the morning, along 11th Avenue. 
The old woman approached her and asked, “Anak, blood donor ka ba?” Paus didn’t know where the conversation was going, but she answered that yes, she could donate blood if needed.
The old woman answered with tears down her eyes. She said that she desperately needed a blood donor because her child has leukemia. Paus said that she has an acquaintance in the Philippine Red Cross who may help her with her situation.
The old woman continued to cry and didn’t mention the name of her supposed child who needed help. Paus comforted her and said that she knew a doctor and some of her friends who may be able to help.
To her surprise, the old woman said that she would ask around and see who would be available to donate blood for her supposed child. When Paus narrated her story to her friend, she was warned that it may be a possible modus or a scam. 
The old woman might “kidnap” her, or worse. Paus said that she got chills down her spine when she was alerted by her friend. Apparently, the old woman has been victimizing lots of people. There were those who have even given her money as well, completely fooled by her statement.
Paus said that she almost gave the woman PHP 1,000 for her “needs.” She said that she was left in a daze after. This made her ask a question: “Bakit sinasamantala nila ang pagiging maawain at mabait ng mga tao?”
She wasn’t able to encounter the old woman since. However, if you’ve seen her, please be wary and not let this old woman fool you! (All photos were obtained from Paus’ Facebook post).





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