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Sunday, March 5, 2017

BEWARE: Ito Mangyayari sa Ngipin kung gawin mo ang DIY Braces


What can you possibly need that online shops wouldn’t provide? NOTHING. We are in modern time where shopping for foods, clothes, gadgets and appliances, etc. are only a click away and made so easy. By adding the things you need in your virtual cart, proceeding to check out and choosing mode of payment, you can then received your items at your doorstep.
But this item in particular was all online shoppers talk about. This is the DIY Orthodentic Treatment known as Braces. And yes, since do-it-yourself is also one of the norms in today many people are encouraged to unleash their creativity and skills.
This DIY Braces is way cheaper than what clinics offer that’s why people opt ordering online in hope of making their teeth straight.
But this can be dangerous not only to your teeth but also to your health in general as well. Doing this is an illegal practice and only a licensed orthodontists are allowed. Remember they studied for years unlike other people who just watched a DIY video or read the pamphlets in just a few minutes.A YouTuber site, singerforeverlove uploaded a video titled “Cheap easy braces!! Without going to the dentist!!!!!” that has more than 365k views. In it, she teen girl uses little elastics to tie her teeth together to close the gaps. She says, “It’s gonna hurt, especially the first few days…but don’t [give up], because it’s totally worth it in the end.” (Well. It’s not.) Her video is not the only one promoting DIY braces.
The videos make it seem really easy, but attempting to move your teeth yourself is not a good idea — and can wreak havoc on your smile. 

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