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Sunday, March 5, 2017

BEWARE: Nakakagulat Ang Sanhi ng Pamamaga ng Kanyang Paa After Pedicure

You should read about this first, before thinking to go get a pedicure.
Stacey Wilson from Arkansas decided to get a pedicure last February 6. The pedicurist was rubbing her foot and heels and she felt something sharp pain in her foot but she thought it was nothing and ignored it, she has no idea how severe she was injured already.
Several days later, Wilson notice that her ankles are swelling and got a fever a few days after. When the pain is unbearable that she can't really take it anymore, Wilson have herself check in the hospital.
Doctor immediately diagnosed her condition as infection cellulitis usually cause and if made contact in pedicure. Wilson is treated in the hospital and feeling well today.
If you are still not convinced about this, there is another event that has to do with infections that is also connected to pedicure.
It happened back in 2013, a 63 year old man of Indiana his name is Bruce Walters. He went to a local salon in their town to have a pedicure. When he finished the supposed pampering of himself, everything went well but when he came home the pain starting kick in.
Ten days after he went to the salon the swelling become severe in his foot, as well he experienced nausea and dizziness. He also visit the hospital for check up and his doctor found his condition the same with Wilson which is infection cellulitis. His doctor suggest and perform an immediate surgery to stop the inflammation in his legs.
Walter undergo almost 5 surgeries to fully cut the infection out. Doctor said that they might amputate him if he did not went to the hospital right away after he felt pain.
He spent 3 weeks in the hospital for recovery for all the surgeries he went through.
The bacteria must have entered Walter's feet during pedicure that causes infection, the same as what happened to Stacey Wilson. This is just a friendly precaution reminder, that everyone should be careful if decided having a pedicure in salon. Some of the nail tools must not have been clean properly.


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