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Sunday, March 5, 2017

CHR Chito Gascon Gusto daw Gawing Legal ang Paggagamit ng Droga!

 Head of Commission on Human Rights Chito Gascon is pushing for the decriminalization of utilizing illicit medications or illegal drugs. . Like the announcement of Vice President Leni Robredo in a gathering a month ago, tGascon said that it is the ideal opportunity for the legislature to lead explore on approaches to make the war on illegal drugs more tranquil and legitimate.
He stated:
"The initial steps to recognize that it can't be lawfulness, it ought to be a solid arm approach, there's a piece of that when individuals carry out wrongdoing, they make hurt others, then you have to, obviously, consider them answerable, however considering them responsible means bringing them through the equity framework, capturing them, charging them, showing them to court, and eventually, sending them to imprison in the event that they should go to imprison. It's not the killings that has happening, the numbers developing. On the off chance that it's not a simply approach, then there ought to be different methodologies having open help, hurt diminishment approaches. It was a smidgen disputable, the Vice President was being assaulted about it, about the subject of called decriminalization issue,"
Refering to the over-burden penitentiaries, he said that the administration ought to utilize a "hurt diminishment approach." He said this after UN Special Rapporteur Agnes Callamard had a discussion on the issue.
"Agnes Callamard" taken from Philstar
On the Drug-related killings, he said that the police misrepresented with the genuine numbers. He said that it is a due to the way that we have a high murder rate. 
Like the Vice President, he likewise refered to Portugal for instance, a nation that decriminalized illicit medications utilize and has had a fruitful keep running in ceasing the issue. 
Simply last Friday, the rapporteur had a questionable visit when she went to the CHR's 30th commemoration without reporting her entry to Malacanang.
The organization disregarded her announcement as ridiculous and one-sided in light of the fact that it is purportedly not moved down with truths.


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