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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Duterte Supporters wants Agnes Callamard to be declared persona non grata

Majority of the Filipino people wanted to declare US Special Rapporteur Agnes Callamard as persona non grata after the latter visited the Philippines without giving notice to the government.
Dr. Agnes Callamard, a staunch critic of President Rodrigo Duterte on his war on drugs visited the country for academic purposes.
In her speech at a drug policy forum held at the University of the Philippines, Callamard stressed that the war on drugs campaign by the Duterte administration is not effective and only makes the problem on illegal substance worse, instead of solving it.
This unsolicited remarks of Callamard sparked outrage from the netizens and they wanted to declared the US Rapporteur as persona non grata in the Philippines.
Persona Non Grata is person who is unacceptable or unwelcome, especially to a foreign government.
A person can be declared persona non grata by a country when s/he is suspected for spying. A suspected spy will not be dealt with by the foreign country and will not be recognized as an authority of a representative country. Hence suspected spies with persona non grata status are often replaced by diplomats who are not suspected spies. Certain persons’ past can also render him/her the status of persona non grata in foreign countries. [US Legal]
Here are some of the comments of the netizens suggesting Agness Callamard to be declared as such:
The government should consider this stupid Agnes Callamard as persona-non-grata, she did not behave the way she came to our country in her personal capacity not by her mandate as UN rapporteour. It is also an insult to our government that Agnes Callamard was able to attend a forum which have the purpose of discrediting the actions of our peace officers. If they are really concern of human rights why can't they quantify the mortality rate of single missile released by US airforce in Syria versus the single bullet of police officer against a drug addict? A single missile that hit Aleppo cause the death of many innocent people more than their ISIS target, but the single bullet of police officers only hit a single drug related target. How did they justify the quantitative damage of humanity? And yet they only focus our drug war, what about the war crime committed by US? What about the nations being destroyed by the malicious intervention of US? Are they blind enough to handle human rights? Callamard should be considered as PERSONA-NON-GRATA in our country. Our country should not have the same fate with those middle east nations that were left ruinous after US intervention, by Kazikage Flamer.
Speaking against the government right on our doorstep? Being a citizen, I felt insulted when a foreigner slipped into the country and lectured a legitimate government about the drug problems inherited from previous administrations! Madam Saboteur and lousy CHR where were you during the Aquino reign of drug proliferation? We only heard of the CHR when the current administration exposed the extent of the damaged caused by drugs! CHR, awakened, came to the scene like a barking dog! by Enn Crave Baybay.


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