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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Everyone Should be Aware of this, Mother Shares New Modus of Kidnappers in Bulacan

News are spreading right now on social media about a viral story of a young mother who quivered in fear after she encountered a modus with some syndicates around Guiguinto, Bulacan.

According to the Facebook post of the mother with a username, “Mhameng Santos”, she was going to her mother’s place together with her daughter. The mother and the daughter just drop by Leefo (a Chinese restaurant) to purchase some fried noodles. When they were about to take their ride on a tricycle, she was shocked when two people approached her.

The two appeared to be a couple (husband and wife) and approached her, looking at her kid. The two then talked to her in a manner as if they were fully acquainted individuals who knew each other for a long time—especially the kid. The couple asked her:

“TE, KANINONG ANAK ‘YAN?” [Miss, who’s kid is that?]

She immediately answered on a firm voice, “ANAK KO, BAKET?” [It’s my daughter, why?]

“TE, MATAGAL NA NAMING HINAHANAP ‘YANG BATA NA ‘YAN! ANAK YAN NG PINSAN NAMIN… (and so on),” [We’ve been looking for that kid for a long time! She’s the daughter of my cousin….] said the couple, claiming that the child is not the mother’s own daughter.

The mother was immediately alerted that this might be some kind of tactics to kidnap her child. “BAKIT AT PANO NANGYARE YAN? GAGO BA KAYO? ANG LAKAS NG LOOB NYONG ICLAIM ANG ANAK KO NA ANAK NG PINSAN MO KUNO?ANO ANO TO? TARA SA PRISINTO GAGO KAYO HA ANONG MODUS YAN?!” [Why and how did that happen? Are you all stupid? The nerve and guts you say to claim that MY CHILD is a child of your “cousin”? What is this? Come with me to the precinct, you knuckleheads! What kind of modus is that, huh?]

She made sure that she made her voice loud and clear as she hysterically caught the attention of the crowd. Gossipmongers and a barangay tanod immediately arrived into the scene. The couple immediately went away before being interrogated by the authorities. The mother immediately rode the tricycle and headed straight into her mother’s place, grasping her child tightly in her arms. She also admitted that she was quivering and shaking because of fear, but she reminded mothers out there that they shouldn’t believe this kind of modus and be alert to fight for their rights to their children even if it costs their life.

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