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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Hindi Makapaniwala Ang Lalaki Ng Makita Ang Kanyang Online Girlfriend sa Personal

A guy named Huang, who is from China's northeastern part of Harbin had met Xiaojin (not her real name) on social media and was enchanted by the girl's photo showing her goddess beauty, rosy skin, oval-shaped face and charming pair of eyes and bewitching smile.
They constantly had conversations with WeChat. They agreed to meet in person. So, Huang had fly a thousand miles and spent thousands of dollars just to meet his "goddess" online girlfriend. But when they met, she looked totally different. He was wrong and felt cheated.
His “goddess” turned out to be not rosy-skinned as her face was riddled with acne. She is also two times the size than how she appeared in the photos.
The guy, red faced and trying to control himself, asked the girl in disbelief: “You can’t be (real name withheld), right? How can there be such a huge difference?”
Xiaojin replied: “It’s me. It’s just that the photo had been edited and I was wearing makeup. This is my bare face,” she said as she tried to explain herself.
Huang and Xiaojin began to argue which led to a more physical fight, where Huang beat her in public. The girl suffered bruises on her arms and arms. When confronted by the police, the couple agree to leave everything that happened behind them.
The girl admitted that her online pictures were edited to make her look stunning and pretty using the mobile application Mei Tu, and she had used more facial make up in them.
The guy returned home with a broken heart and an empty pocket. He declared with finality that he will never again believe in an online romance.

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