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Sunday, March 5, 2017

IN VIDEO:Bastos na couple huli sa akto sa likod ng pader

Father adds David Attenborough-style commentary as he films brazen couple he dubs a 'hippopotopig and a female rhinoceros behind' performing a 'rare mating ritual' behind a backstreet wall in Barnsley

  • A randy couple were caught having sex behind a wall during the day in Barnsley
  • Denzill Smith surreptitiously filmed with David Attenborough style commentary
  • He said it was a 'rare mating ritual' between a 'hippopotopig' and a rhinoceros'
  • The explicit clip was uploaded onto Facebook until the website took it down
This is the moment a randy couple were caught having sex in an alleyway close to a church in broad daylight as an onlooker gives hilarious David Attenborough style commentary.

Footage taken on Denzill Smith's smartphone shows him surreptitiously peer over the wall to record the moment of passion close to the centre of Barnsley.

Denzill, 31, says to the camera: 'Today on planet earth in Barnsley, Wellington Street, we have a rare mating ritual between one hippopotopig and one female rhinoceros.'

Viewers can see the man with his trousers pulled down and the woman's black stilettos pointing in the air.

After shooting the couple for around a minute the father-of-two ran back to his friends before he was seen.

The x-rated clip, taken on Sunday afternoon, was posted on Facebook where it gathered thousands of shocked responses in just a few hours.

One user said: 'I can't believe this is happening in Barnsley, of all places. And in the middle of the day.'

But the clip was removed in the early hours Wednesday morning after breaking the site's sexual content rules.

Denzill said: 'I uploaded it yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon but I'd filmed it on Sunday morning outside a night club at 6.15am.

'It was dead everywhere and I'm assuming the couple had been out all night then started having sex.

'Facebook removed the clip and banned me from posting anything because someone reported it.

'I'm guessing with how sneaky they were about it they were a real couple who were caught up in the moment.

'It was funny and I'm glad that lots of people who watched it thought it was hilarious, too.

'But they should really have found a room to go back, though behind a wall is better than in full view of everyone, I suppose.'



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