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Sunday, March 5, 2017

IN VIDEO:Malala at nakakatakot na proposal sa kanyang fiancee

For some reason, men want their marriage proposal to be as memorable as ever. After all, popping the question can make even the bravest man nervous and anxious as they might not get the answer that they want from their partners. Converting this nervousness into creativity is often effective.
Vlad Lungu wanted his marriage proposal to be a remarkable and unforgettable one for his girlfriend, Alexandra.

This Romanian couple created quite the buzz on social media after their marriage proposal video immediately went viral.
Vlad and Alexandra were driving down the roads of Brasov when armed men wearing black masks and identifying themselves as police officers asked them to stop their vehicle. Moments later, one of them forcefully grabbed Alexandra from the car and pinned her down to the ground.
The police officers were shouting at the frightened woman as they asked her if she knows the man waiting beside the car’s trunk.
The men grabbed her and brought her near the car where Vlad and his engagement ring were waiting for her.

Alexandra was terrified but failed to hold back her tears once she saw the love of her life kneeling down with the engagement ring in hand and a question in mind. With a smile on his face, Vlad asked Alexandra to marry him.
Online users expressed their opinions over the proposal and claimed that the ambush was an ingenious way to bring out Alexandra’s emotions. They said that fear can really be seen in her eyes as the police officers shouted at and manhandled her. When she said yes to the proposal, what was fear in the beginning, turned into love.
The unique marriage proposal worked as Alexandra said yes.
The viral video of the scariest marriage proposal ever has already been shared over a thousand times and has a current view count of over 1 million as of this writing.

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