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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Isyu Ng INQUIRER Reporter Pinuna Ng Netizens! Panoorin Kung Ano Ito!

This begins after an INQUIRER reporter Julliane De Jesus describes VP Leni as president on her post on twitter reporting that a lady approaches Vice President and told her "You're my President,ma'am"
This video became viral after netizens watched this and gathered a mixed reactions from it.

Some of the negative reactions from the netizens set the Inquirer reporter on fire, but watched this video carefully, the lady who was reported approaching VP Leni as President was not pertaining to her but to the other person. The lady wants to introduce their president to VP Leni.

The caption on the viral video goes like this (WATCH: This lady  approached VP @lenirobredo and told her,"You're my President, ma'am." caught the netizens attention quickly and gave their negative reactions.

After that, the Inquirer reporter Julliane De Jesus releases her  explanation about the said viral video she explained that she just heard what the lady said addressing VP Leni as the President but that was not seen nor included on this viral video.

Here's some the comments/reactions from Netizens:

Trebor Bonifacio: She has a REsponsibility as a journalist. Spreading half lies and misinformation is not one of them.Gets mo.

Mark Boado: It seems that you heard it wrong.Shes trying to introduce their President..try to hear it again.

Unthinking Pinay: Mali po ang pagkakarinig nyo. Hala! lalo na kayong ipapasdara ni President Duterte.

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