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Monday, May 29, 2017

LOOK: Reporter of CNN Leaked and Sabotaged AFP's Confidential Information

An additional 'sabotage' has actually been done by one of the most famous media company.

A CNN Reporter purposely did an online protection of armed forces air strikes in Marawi City on Sunday which exposed the armed forces location.

The Armed Forces of the Philippines have actually previously asked for to spread out info concerning the area of our security forces.

"Let us not use our reports, especially on social media, to spread information about the location of out security forces. When we do this, we are not only endangering security forces, but also the civilians and vital installations that we are protecting." - Armed Forces of the Philippines appealed on Wednesday.

Gerg Cahiles, a CNN correspondent did a Facebook Live reporting an ongoing air attacks of AFP in Marawi City.

His live video garnered different reactions from its viewers, most are furious of why did the reporter had to do it real time.

Even asking CNN to fire the irresponsible reporter.

Netizens reminded him that the AFP already plead to not do a live broadcast of any sort regarding their positions and course of action. He said that by doing such thing, he is risking lives of the soldiers.

Careless reporting places the government's troops in critical and dangerous situations which compromises their locations and coordinates. Their efforts are wasted and lives of civilians are put in danger.

The video was already removed from their Facebook account and page.

Recently, a similar mistake and sabotage was done by Rappler when the news website released a transcript of phone conversations between US President Donald Trump and Philippine President Rodrigo last 29th of April.

Rappler editors may have known that the leaking of confidential government information is a crime that it claimed that it didn’t get the transcript directly from the DFA but only through the US-based website The Intercept, which subtitled its report on the Trump-Duterte conversation, “A Call with a Killer”.
The DFA memo cover page and first page of transcript of Duterte-Trump conversation released by Rappler
This is such a flimsy excuse. The Intercept is financed by E-Bay founder Pierre Omidyar who in 2015 made a substantial investment of about P50 million in Rappler, making the local website a sister company of The Intercept. This American news site even posted the transcript at the same time that Rappler did.

 The conversation transcript was leaked by Yellow infitrators inside the Department of Foreign Affairs and such actions manifested dreadful betrayal in welfare of the whole nation.

"How can any head of state now talk to your President frankly, when his talk with the world’s most powerful head of state, who has his own strict protocols for confidentiality, was released to the world, word for word?" said by a high-ranked foreign diplomat.

Due to the leakage, the country's image and reputation has been damaged. It made the country a ridiculous spectacle stating the government cannot keep secrets.

Source: FB , Manila times

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