Malakas ang loob ng magandang babae na ipinaskil ang larawan ng kanyang BF at umani ng maraming reaksyon ng mga netizens - Daily Buzz PH


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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Malakas ang loob ng magandang babae na ipinaskil ang larawan ng kanyang BF at umani ng maraming reaksyon ng mga netizens

If you were a girl with a new boyfriend, then you should expect your friends to start asking what he looks like.
It’s shouldn’t be a surprise that many people are judgmental towards how a person’s looks. After all, in the Philippines lighter-skinned people are often more noticeable.

Sometimes people will misjudge a lighter mestizo person as ‘handsome’ or ‘beautiful’ – which is not the case a lot of the time.
Many people think that if a girl is pretty then they should also have a handsome boyfriend that matches their appearance. The reverse is the same: if a man has a very muscular physique, then he should have a sexy girlfriend.
Beauty does exist of course, but love extends beyond what a person’s physical appearance is. Love is being able to see the beauty of a person within – regardless of their flaws.
As they say: love is blind.
Cambodian netizen Kwan Dii Kwan Dii became a viral hit all over social media, when she proudly shared selfies and other photos of herself with her boyfriend on Facebook. As can be observed in the trending photos, the couple seems genuinely happy to be together.
Check out their sweet photos here:
Other netizens shared their mixed reactions upon seeing Kwan’s boyfriend. Many are calling the man ‘lucky’ for being able to capture a girlfriend as pretty as Ms. Kwan. Some expressed their disbelief – saying that they couldn’t believe a beautiful girl like her could ever have a boyfriend like him.
Aries Sehwani wrote: “Prang himdi nmn cla close.. hindi nmn ata cla magjowa ei..”
Ranz wrote: “Totoo ba yan ? Baka ngpapicture lng yan”
Typical for such narrow-minded people.
Other more open-minded netizens praised Kwan for having a healthy relationship with a man she loves. They say that it truly doesn’t matter what a person’s appearance is like, so long as they’re happy together.
Grace Sanchez wrote: “Saludo ako sayo te…yung iba nga gwqpo n ang jowa pngpapalit p eh…pwro kaw swerte ka kay ate kya pahalagahan mo xa…”
Amelyn Micaller Ret wrote: “Kung sila nga talaga,yan ang tinatawag na tunay na pag ibig,wala sa itsura,pera o anumang material n bagay sa isang tao para mahalin o magutuhan mo,imfortante tapat,masipag,at may respeto sa bawat isa.”
Jeffrey Sinio wrote: Ang mapapayo kolang sa mahilig mang lait sa kapwa tao hindi nanggagaling sa itsura ang pagmamahal sa puso nang gagaling yan kaya kung ako sa inyo bago kayo manlait nang kapwa nyo intindihin nyo na lang sarili nyo dahil walang mangyayari sa buhay nyo kung manlalait lang kayo sa kapwa nyong tao”
So what can you say about this girl and her boyfriend?


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