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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Manlolokong Misis Pa Ang Mas Sobrang Nagalit kay Mister Dahil Nahuli Ito

What will be your action when your better half cheats against you. But the incident happens in this video is different. Because from the other video that went viral on the internet that the cheaters is very submissive and doesn't retaliate against his/her partner because they realize that they are the one who done wrong. But in this video, it is the reverse, the wife that cheating her husband was more aggressive and angry against her husband and defending his lover against them. The man permitted the anger of her cheating wife takes over against him when he discovered that there is an infidelity act going on.
The video that was making rounds online makes everybody in great surprise about the reaction of the cheater wife. The viral video shows that the man who crashed his wife and found out that cheating on him in a motel room with her partner.When the man discovered that his wife was cheating he decided to attack the two lovers without any hesitation. He forcibly opened the door and attacked his wife's partner.
However what that makes the netizen to be shocked was when he begin to attacked his wife lovers and unexpectedly that his wife defends her lover against her husband and friends. This is the reason that in some cases that the wrongdoers were submissive and not retaliating because they understand that they are the one who did mistake but in this video, it was the wrongdoers and cheaters take over the anger of the victim.


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