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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Nagulat Ang Buong Mundo Ng Ipakita Ang Pagbubuntis ng Isang Ina

It is the happiness of the husband and wife to heard from the doctor that you will soon to give birth to a healthy baby. It was a joyous day when Alexandra Kinova and her husband Antonin were excited when they found out that their family of three will become larger. The loving Czech sweethearts reside in the town of Milovice with their only so and they were prepared to have additional members of the family. They were very excited to discover that the wife Alexandra was pregnant and to give a birth to twin babies. and their family fro 3 members will soon soar to a member of 5. When the loving couple comebacK to have another checkup, the physician had some surprising report which was shown from the new ultrasound photos to be amazed. Because from the previous findings to have a twin the photo reveals that she is bearing a triplet in her womb.
But the story of amazement did not end on that time. The Czech mother belly began to enlarge more than the normal size. And due to this circumstance the go to the doctors to have a follow-up examination to know the cause of the enlargement of her belly. The follow-up check-ups reveal that it is not a triplets babies but in their shocked, their family will become bigger because it will be quadruplets. Then for another second opinion because they were very surprised that fro triplets it goes to have quadruplets babies.
Then going to the another medical o[inion of the doctor and again to have another ultrasound, the happiness of the couple has been multiplied knowing and amazed that from quadruplets Alexandra was carrying quintuplets (5 babies) in one single birth.Luckily to the happy couple that there were no medical problems they have encountered on her cesarean birth and the babies were all healthy composing of 4 healthy baby boy and one beautiful healthy girl.
Unluckily the father missed the important event of his life as the father of 5 babies in one single birth saying " I cried all the way there because I was sure I would miss it" The babies names for the baby boys Alex, Deniel, Martin, Michael and the pretty baby girl Terezka are growing up healthy and strong. It was a rare event that a mother will bore 5 babies in a single birth and the photos reveal that the couple is very happy with taking care of all the 5 lovely babies. Congratulations Alexandra and Antonin for this great blessing from Above the Most High God.


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