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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Nakakagambala na Imahe ng di-umano'y 'Organ Farm' Circulated Sa Social Media

This article contains disturbing photographs of children’s dead bodies.
Horrible images of dead children circulated online. It went viral instantly because it was said to be an alleged “organ farm”.
Located at the Malaysia-Thailand border, organ farmers reportedly killed the kids.
This is the new scheme for syndicates, according to experts.
7oo Bodies Were Found
Through the Facebook post of Goh Soo Heng, it can be seen that hundreds of children’s dead bodies are lying on the floor.
Goh claimed that these were 700 bodies, with their organs removed.
The images include children forming a line with cut marks all over their bodies, and some were even tied up or attached to cardboard boxes.
Based on the images posted, people concluded it was a heartless effort of an organ farming syndicates.
They scout children and kidnap them to harvest their organs and sell it on the black market.
Goh warns parents to always watch over their children and keep them informed of the danger our world is facing.
Despite the undeniable possibility that this kind of inhumanity is happening.
Coverage failed to confirm the claims. The images are also questionable and have no origins.
Regardless, this could be a reminder for everyone to be careful and be alert at all times. Especially to the parents, be mindful of your children.


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