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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Pinakabagong pinoy millionaire sa Canada.Alamin kung paano niya nakuha ang napakalaking pera


Filipino migrant in Canada tried his luck in playing Lotto. He was glad to find out he won $32,700. Upon claiming his prize, he was shocked with what he found out.

Lady Luck doesn’t favor anyone. There are times when luck finds you while there are other times when you just can’t seem to have any. People usually wish for luck when gambling or playing games. They try their best to guess the winning combination on the slot machine or even pick the right cards in a game of poker. Try as they might though, luck cannot be controlled.

However, there are some who hit the jackpot. Take for example 41-year-old Patrick Estacio, a Filipino migrant who now lives in Canada.


One day, he decided to try out his fortune in a game of Lotto at Montreal. He wasn’t really expecting to win. Just like any other people who play the game, Estacio was just merely testing if the numbers he thought of are the right combination. And even if he doesn’t win the jackpot, he can just aim for the consolation prize.

True enough, Estacio won more than $32,700 in the Lotto 6/49. Even though it’s not the jackpot prize, he thought that money is money and $32,700 is hard to come by. When he decided to claim his money at Quebec, he was surprised with the shocked expression of the Lotto official. According to Estacio, the Lotto official reacted as if he won the jackpot.

It turns out that he did! He won not a measly $32,700, but a whopping $32.7 million ($32,707,357 to be precise)! At that moment in November 2016, Estacio who was working two jobs to support himself became Canada’s latest millionaire! 

He chose the winning combination 06-09-30-37-43-49 to bet on his Lotto ticket. According to the Lotto officials, the Filipino migrant is the 39th person to bag the jackpot prize from the Lotto 6/49.

When asked what he will do with the money, he says he will buy a house so that he doesn’t have to constantly pay rent. In the Philippines, lots of people try out their luck in Lotto, hoping to get some relief from poverty. Estacio is really living the dream – overseas pa!


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