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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Sinunog ang katawan ng kanyang asawa ng dahil lamang sa pagseselfie lang sa social media

Nednapha Nuankhul, 26 years old from Thailand was set on fire by her own husband in their own home in Amphoe Chiang Kham, northern Thailand. After uploading selfies on Facebook.
Right after posting 3 selfies on social media, Nednaphas’ husband became enraged and jealous, and eventually the spouse poured gasoline on and burned her alive.
“I thought I was in hell,” Nednapha recalled the moment her face melted while being burned alive.
The mother of one required 3 operations and many more in the coming months.
Allegedly the husband, Chatchawarn started to abuse his wife shortly after the two got married last January 2016.
“It has scarred me on the outside and in my heart, too. But I have to forgive my husband because we have a child together.” ”When the fire was burning I felt like I knew that hell was real. It was the worst pain and terror anybody could ever imagine. I’m like this now forever and I know that hell exists.”
“You can run away from anything but you cannot run away from karma.” “Nobody knew this would happen but some things we just cannot escape.”
Husband burn Her Wife Because of Her Facebook Selfies! Check This!
According to her friend, “She has had surgery on her neck, mouth and chin two or three times already. Her fingers are also very badly damaged and she needs more surgery on her right arm, and she has many ligament problems now. She cannot work and she her husband cannot support her because he is in prison. Now she needs help with necessities such as water, alcohol ointment for the wounds, cotton fabrics, dressings and other medical supplies,’’ after snapping pictures of her in order to raise funds.
Nednaphas’ husband is now at the custody of authorities after admitting the crime.
“This was a conjugal issue and it is currently being investigated so we can give the correct sentence,” a police spokesperson said.
But despite the incident after suffering from whole body burns, Nednapha said she forgives his husband for the sake of their child.


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