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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Son Kills Father By Stabbing Him 10 Times For Not Cooking The Food On Time

Parents will do anything without restrictions for the sake of their children. No matter how young or old the children might be they are still dependent on them. They are our safety nets in this unsafe world.

65-year-old father Ngor from Burriam, Southern Thailand, prepared and bought meat for lunch of his son Sakdhin Duangphakhon, 36.
Regardless of his son being an adult, he still cooks for him. His love for Sakdhin is unconditional but he was still stabbed by him using a kitchen knife repeatedly for about 10 times just because he forgot to put fish sauce to his son’s favorite pork soup.
Sakdhin asked his father why it took him longer to cook the food which the father answered that he forgot to put an important ingredient to every Thai meal which is Fish sauce.
This made him furious that he grabbed the empty bottle and hit him over the head.
When his 66-year old mother intervened, he heartlessly slapped her on the face. She was yelling for help when their son picked up the kitchen knife and stabbed his father aimlessly.
Finally, the police arrived on their house. Only to find out the suspect covered in blood was resting on a hammock without a care in the world. He was asked to re-enact the tragedy in which he did.
He was arrested by the police and made hin kneel down infront of his father’s lifeless body to ask for forgiveness.
Deputy inspector Col. Nitipat Kitichartchai was taken statements regarding the crime. And he said:
“The father volunteered to cook the pork. The son went to drink some liquor and then wanted to eat food. But the dad said it was not finish and not cooked yet. The son did not want to wait. Then he said he forgot the fish sauce and he became angry.”
Further, he added: “It was reported to us that the son had used a knife to stab the father at home. I knew he would have to go to investigate the scene. It is a single-storey house. The father was wearing a loin cloth without a shirt. He have more than ten stab wounds on his back, particularly across the left shoulder, and one deeply penetrated the heart. The smell of blood stained the area. 
“I asked the wife how her husband died and she identified her son as the killer. He was found outside the house in the cradle (hammock) with a lot of blood on him but he was not injured. He was detained while we investigated the home. ”
Source: Filtimes


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