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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Teen Girl Committed Suicide From A High-Rise Building Because Of This ‘Mysterious Game’ On Her Phone

Digital advancement is one of the most significant changes that happened in our lives in the past 10 to 20 years: the snail mail that takes about a week to be delivered is now just a few-second click away through e-mail, the black and white movies can now be enjoyed in 4D with a whooping sound effect, and most especially socializing and connecting with someone is now as easy as 1-2-3 through the help of social media.
But the latter is now slowly taking its toll on our lives; fake news are spread over the internet, online dating hazards are everywhere, and online games are eating the time that we are supposed to be sharing with our loved ones and other productive stuff.
Many kids and teenagers nowadays would rather choose sitting in front of a computer or tablet playing online games rather than playing physical games outside the house and interacting with other kids.
Unfortunately, there is a new online game spreading over social media which is very harmful for kids’ physical and psychological health.
This is what happened to a 15-year-old girl who committed suicide after joining a certain social media game which now very popular in Russia. According to Russian authorities, the same game behind the girls’ suicide attack is also responsible to the horrible death of over 130 youngsters in the said country.
Heads up parents for the social media game called “Blue Whale”, the game was named after the wonderful animal because it claims that “blue whales sense when they’re dying and swim up the coastline to beach themselves, as if choosing death freely.”
The rules of the game is very simple, it is actually like a virtual version of the famous suspense movie Saw. First, chosen audience (often kids and teenagers) will receive an invitation to join the said game; once they agreed to play they don’t have a choice but to finish it. Game administrator threatens the participants to expose their personal data or worse, go after their families if they decided to discontinue the game.
Now, once the players agreed with the game’s terms and condition, they will be given one challenge per day for the period of 50 days. Some of these participants are so trapped with the game leaving them not speaking to anyone for the whole day while others were forced to wake up in the middle of the night to watch a horror movie.
Others were given extremely harmful challenges like cutting a whale’s image in their own skin and the worst, the final challenge to win the game is for participants to commit suicide.
In the case of the 15-year-old girl from Russia, she took her life by jumping off a 14-story building. She also left a somehow suicide note on her social media profile which includes the photo of the blue whale with a caption “The End”.
While the said incident terrified the entire country, it has also been reported that the Blue Whale game is now spreading all over United Kngdom, Brazil, Columbia, and Chile. Another teenage victim from Barcelona, Spain was said to be admitted in a psychiatric hospital after her parents found out that she is a participant of the said harmful game. Good thing her parents discovered it before she received the final challenge.
Despite authorities’ effort to go after the ones behind the killer game, Blue Whale continues to spread in other counties louring more teenagers to join.
Spread this article to give a warning to parents to be mindful over their kids’ online activities and alert teenagers to be responsible in their use of social media as well.
Source: Filtimes



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