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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Temporary ‘black henna’ tattoos can be painfully permanent

Applying HENNA on hands can complete your weddings or festivals celebration. It is known propitious for the bride during her wedding day. HENNA has been used since ancient times for its far-reaching health benefits.
Most people are unaware of its fact that PPD is a powerful allergen and its contact with the skin might trigger an allergic reaction.
A WOMAN SUFFERED A SEVERE INFECTION AFTER APPLYING HENNA. It is few months before her wedding and she wants to follow the propitious for her during her wedding day. She didn’t expect the unwanted side effects of the Henna that she used. It is known as the “PARTY MEHNDI RED CONE”. Her doctor suggested to cut off her hand and legs because her hands and legs got seriously infected with some disease that is the side effects of applying the “party mehndi red cone” or henna.
Is HENNA really harmful? YES!!
Here are some side effects of using HENNA.
  1. Contact Dermatitis
Common symptoms are wheezing, itching, redness, burning and swelling of the skin.
  1. Rough Hair
It may also damage your hair shaft and make it more vulnerable to become dry.
  1. Red Eyes
It might cause redness and watering of your eyes when henna comes contact with your eyes.
  1. Bursting of RBCs
Red blood cells tend to burst leading to severe health complication.
  1. Stomach Upset
If you accidentally swallow Henna, the result is you may have stomach upset, vomiting and other stomach complications.
If you experience any of the conditions, consult a dermatologist immediately and do not apply any ointments like oil to soothe allergic reaction.
Next time you apply henna on your hands or hair, just make sure that you follow these tips to avoid unwanted side effects. BE SAFE AND HEALTHY!
Please share this to your beloved family and friends and make them aware!


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