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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Toni Gonzaga Angers Over Her Younger Sister Alex By Doing This To Baby Seve!

Regardless of Alex Gonzaga's continuous naughtiness, it was known to the public that Toni's younger sister has so much care and love for her one and only nephew baby Seve. And even though that Toni's younger sister can be annoying sometimes to her sister Toni, she exerts her efforts to become the best auntie for her only one nephew. From the beginning baby, Severino Elliot came on the scene, Alex has become Toni's assistance in taking care of the cute little baby.
"Seve and Tinang's buhat sesh. Everytime. Haayy sbyo you love tinang's hair."
The Tita's and nephew bonding was so exciting and remarkable as shown in the picture of the "Tita's and nephew"
Regardless of being a super Tita for Baby Seve, Alex will continue to be Alex.
"My baby Sebyo who's very bilog and chaba!!!!!! His face will lighten up when he sees tinang but after 1 minute tinang will piss him off and then he will cry. And his parents cant do anything ?? #storyofSeve'sLife"
On that time, Alex was happy teasing her older sister Toni and baby nephew Seve. After two days, Alex posted a screenshot of the exchange of conversation between them and a proof that again the younger sister is teasing Toni.Obviously, she woke up her nephew baby Seve that leads the baby to get in bad mood and she added
"Nagalit na naman si celestine!!! Pero atleast maganda palusot ko.......,"
On the justification of Alex, baby Seve gets by waking up himself. That's the alibi and excuse of Alex to Toni.
"I love you chaba!!!! You're tinang's best friend.. (hay sumama pa sa pic ang ina, di mapabayaan sakin ang anak)"
What's on your mind about Alex of being a Tita to baby Seve? Share your idea and have comments on this.


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