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Sunday, March 5, 2017

VIDEO FOOTAGE: HAMBOG na Govt Employee, Sinuntok Ang Tricycle Driver

An alleged government Employee SUV motorist is now viral after a road rage which was caught on a video punching a trike driver make many rounds on the internet and social media.The video was uploaded in a Facebook Page'Tambayan ni Berto Worldwide' to call the attention of the concerned agency and seek justice for the victim of the road rage. Based on the video the one who has the fault is not very clear and the reason behind the punching of the trike driver was unknown. The social media users and netizens commented that the SUV motorist has no right to use the strength of his hand by punching the aggravate trike driver.

The SUV motorist has got off his vehicle and confronts the trike driver. There is a short exchange of harsh word between the two but the alleged government employee motorist talked too much in the arguments. After the short argument he turns away his back but after a while again he speaks some words with the trike driver and blow an underhand punch and hit the face of the trike driver. The poor victim of the underhand punch cannot do anything about the incident but in silent. The woman riding on the trike recorded the video using her smartphone and only a speak the words
" Grabe ka naman kuya!"

Another man riding in the SUV just only watch the incident and has nothing to do to even prevent the SUV motorist punching the trike driver. As the SUV left the location, a policeman shown in the end of the video and say something to the other person. Based on the woman riding the tricycle, the attacker punches the trike driver two times but she doesn't capture the first punch that the attacker had done. The road rage occurs in Guiuan Eastern Samar. Kindly watch the video uploaded below in the social media. What can you say about the action of the alleged government employee attacker?


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