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Sunday, March 5, 2017

WARNING LADIES!!! The Things You Do At Night Causes This Woman Get Temporary Blindness

Hospital reports shows that women from ages of 22 to 24 women are having problem in their eyes and cause blindness. Temporary blindness actually last for about to minutes only. However this short term loss of sight is alarming in your health.
The things that causes this condition is something that we do everyday, this is so common that the fact that we didn't notice that we do this often and we don't stop until it caught our attention that it slowly damaging our eyes.

Doctors discovered this kind of condition when a woman visited their hospital and declare that she experience temporary blindness, she mistaken this and worried that she might having a stroke.

So the doctors conducted MRI, heart scans and other test to diagnose her condition. But the doctor we're even puzzle as to what her result was, they can't determine the real problem that's going on with her. But after tracking her health history and daily routine it complete the pieces in their medical puzzle.

The woman's condition is caused by the LED light from the phone that absorb by the eyes, this is because woman uses her phone constantly even when it is dark. Using your phone in the dark often don't result in this serious condition. However, doctor analyze that she loses her eyesight by using her phone in the dark and lying in one side of her body, the other eye is completely focus on the screen on the phone.

When the phone shuts off, the brain became confused by the changing of the messages transmitted through the eyes and this leads to temporary blindness as what happened to the woman. Doctors called this as "transient smartphone blindness".
Also one event happen to a man in China, he was diagnosed of retinal detachment because of consistent use of cellphone in the dark for several days to text his girlfriend.

Experts highly recommend to open the light when using your phone, PC or tablet and if you can resist turning off the light, then they suggest that you make sure that both of your eyes are squarely looking on the screen to ensure that the LED light is equally distributed in your eyes.
Source: Urbo


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