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Sunday, March 5, 2017

WARNING: Your Facebook Account Might Get Hacked Because Of This Modus

Heads up, netizens! Read the story of this hacking incident on social media that you might encounter.
Facebook, being the number one social media platform all over the world has both its pros and cons to our lives. It helps us be connected with friends and relatives and be updated with  their lives even if they live miles away, it also help us get connected with new friends, a source of timely news and most of the time, simply be entertained when we are bored. But as a user, we also have to be vigilant with the way we use social media, we should not fully disclose our information to anyone.
Just like what happened to Facebook users Angela Montenegro and her friend Mafe Segundo. Angela posted a detailed narration of the hacking incident that involved their Facebook accounts just recently.
Angela shared that Mafe messaged her on Facebok asking to borrow a money amounting to P1,000, Mafe then promised Angela to return it as soon as possible and would even  return three times of the amount she will lend (equivalent to P3,000) Mafe said that she needed the money to help her cousin, Angela immediately offered a helping hand and extend effort in sending the money through the money transfer option, Smart Padala.
Little did Angela know that Mafe’s account has been hacked during that time and it was a different person using Mafe’s account who was messaging her. Too bad, Angela already fell into the trap and sent money to the hacker. Hours after Angela and the hacker’s conversation, Mafe posted a status on her second Facebook account saying her first account was hacked and she never asked any money from her friends.
Now are you wondering how Mafe’s account has been hacked? It was revealed that her account was hacked through a pishing site, Mafe explained on her Facebook status:
Hackers usually use this type of site to have access to one’s Facebook account and even sa CREDIT CARDS.
Once we have clicked the link, nagbibigay na daw po ‘yon ng personal info sa database nila about sa victim/bibiktimahin. Please be cautious po, lalo na kung yong site ay humihingi ng mga nasabing info.
When she clicked the link, hiningi daw nung nasabing site yung kaniyang email and password, in other words, kailangan daw munang maglog-in. Suspicious yung site but since gusto niyang makatulong, she entered the info asked. Nung makapasok na siya, WALA NAMAN DAW LUMABAS NA PHOTO OR SOMETHING NA IPAPALIKE. BLANK PAGE LANG DAW.”
Matapos iyon, dun na nagstart yung modus operandi. (SECOND PHOTO: MAKIKITANG GAMIT NA NUNG HACKER YUNG ACCOUNT NG FRIEND KO.) The hacker started messaging Mafe’s Facebook friends, asking for thousands of pesos of money at nangangakong ibabalik daw sa mas malaking halaga.
Below are the screenshot provided by Mafe:
Mafe also informed netizens that if ever they encountered such situation, do not hesitate to report it to PNP’s Cybercrime Division. She also encouraged everyone to share her story to serve as a warning and lesson to other netizens.


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