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Sunday, March 5, 2017

WATCH: Production of Fake Pepsi Cola Caught On Camera

Nowadays, you can never be too sure of anything. Fake products are circulating the market from fake beauty products, fake bags and shoes, fake rice and even fake meats. Despite the harm it causes we still continue to patronize these products. Also, even if it’s not our intention to purchase these we are fooled by producers.

News about fake pepsi colas are being produced in Baghdad, Iraq according to Wereblog. Curious on how they do this?

1. Used Pepsi bottles are bought and gathered.
2. The factory hires kids to throw the excess content away and clean the bottle up.
3. Afterwards, bottles are then placed in crates in preparation for refilling.
4. Pressurized gas is then put inside bottles before they are sealed.
5. The bottles are then refilled with the fake beverage.
6. Used crowns are also used to seal the product.
If you’re still in doubt watch the video about the secret factory manufacturing and distributing fake Pepsi. was uploaded last 2015, there are no updates whether the factory has already been closed.
source: elitereaders


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