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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Woman’s Face And Body Melted After Husband Set Her On Fire For Taking Too Much Selfies

Nowadays, taking selfie is a must. It usually takes a number of tries to choose the perfect pictures to be uploaded on social media. These pictures are then commented, liked and even shared by our friends.
January of last year, Nednapha Nuankhul, 26 and Chatchawarn Tarrin, 28, decided to get married and along with this Chatchawarn started to get possessive and abusive.
Nednapha suffered life-changing burns across her entire body. The burns are caused by her husband, after uploading three innocent selfies on her facebook account.
She tried to escaped but Chatchawarn allegedly poured fuel on her then set her alight at their home in Amphoe Chiang Kham, northern Thailand.
She was rushed to the hospital where three surgeries were performed-on her neck, mouth and chin. Her right arm will need a surgery too.Nednapha, who has now been released from hospital, said: “It has scarred me on the outside and in my heart, too. But I have to forgive my husband because we have a child together.”

She also shared what it feels like being burned alive.
“When the fire was burning I felt like I knew that hell was real. It was the worst pain and terror anybody could ever imagine. I’m like this now forever and I know that hell exists. You can run away from anything but you cannot run away from karma. Nobody knew this would happen but some things we just cannot escape. My husband will be full of sin and he will feel karma one day, too. Now my husband cannot run away from anything. He has been put in prison and he has a son that needs care and a father.”
Sudarat Khunarup, a friend of Nednapha, wants to raise money for the medical needs since she cannot work and provide for her family.
Chatchawarn admitted to his crime. He has been arrested and sentenced to jail. However, the period of prison is not yet released.
If this has happened to you would you still forgive your husband?
Source: The Sun


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