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Sunday, March 5, 2017

You Must Know: 5 Things That May Happen To Your Body Of Not Having S*x With Your Partner!

The lovemaking of a couple or partner is vital to their relationship. The couple having a regular sex life makes them more happy and intimate in the relationship especially to the younger couple. Having sex is fun and absolutely abstinence of it is the reverse.Having a regular sex of the couple gives them intimacy in their relationship as well as their health. It is beneficial to the partner because s*x boosts the level of serotonin and oxytocin levels which aids cardiovascular strength. After having sex the body become relax and makes you for easy sleep and one thing more it gives you intimate physical bonding with your partner.
But if you abstain from s*x your body has the reaction and these consequences will happen to your body if you stop the ultimate gift from above.

1.You May Have Feel More Stressed

Lovemaking of the couple prevents stressed. Our body releases hormones at the time of lovemaking and aids the body to recover from stressful days. That is the reason that a regular habit of lovemaking is beneficial for the people experiencing plenty of stress in their daily works.It is the reason why some people are utilizing the art of love making to lessen the stress and be relax from our busyness in the daily works.Since love making can lessen or even relieve your stress the reverse of it by abstaining will surely make your day a stressful life. Based on the study in Biological Psychology appears that people engaged in a previous lovemaking discovered that they have lower blood pressure in return to the stressful activities of the people who doesn't have s*x.

2.You May Get Sick Many Times

Regular intimate lovemaking is connected with a more improved immune system function. Based on the study in one people who takes part of the study which has a regular lovemaking once a week was found out to have more levels of immunoglobin which is widely known for increasing resistance to sicknesses. A body with strong immune system means that the people with this will get sick lesser compare to the people with weak immune system.

3.Your Libido May Decrease

Do you want to increase your libido you must have a regular s*x habit? Some people encounters to like having sex but they feel not to have. Your sensuality will decrease if you abstain from s*x. As the popular saying goes 'constant practice makes you perfect' and you can apply it also in lovemaking without it the desire of having an intimate bonding with your partner will decrease.

4.Arousal Maybe Difficult To You 

When a man experienced having no lovemaking for a long period of time it will be difficult for him to have a stronger and harder manhood. And his partner will also exert more effort of being aroused and lubricated because of the long period of time of abstinence. Making pleasure with your own manhood can help, it will take a while to return back to the normal function of your lovemaking action.

5.You May Be More Forgetful 

A regular habit of lovemaking activity will strengthen the function of your hippocampus which is the small area of the brain that is primarily associated with the memory. Based on the research of the Scientist they believe that the more sexual activities can overturn the effects of aging and stress of the brain.Primarily when you have regular intimate lovemaking your brain produces new neurons that improve the remembering and information processing of the brain.


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