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Friday, June 23, 2017

2 Kids Gives Their Piggy Bank to Marawi Evacuees As Donation Goes Viral

These kids gave their piggy bank money to the Marawi evacuees.

KIDS – Two kids was praised because of their great regards to help the evacuees of the Marawi through donating their piggy bank money.

The said touching story of these inspiring kids was reported by the News to Go as shared and uploaded on the Youtube channel GMA News.

Truly, these inspiring gesture of  these two just rightfully needs to be praise because it will be a great influence to their fellow children, or rather not just to their fellow but to all people.

When the violence and intense firefight in the land of Marawi sparked, sad stories of the people and the civilians affected also surfaced and all of these stories would never fail to make someone shed a tear or just at least touch their hearts.

The ignition of war watered the land with blood and every pieces of ruined housed and each lost lives, it all marked the history and the stories behind will never be forgotten.

Yet, amidst these grievances, there are still left that would brighten the flicker of faint hope to those who is in the verge of losing it.

This simple act of kindness of these two children would somehow make Marawi smile.

As reported, the siblings and sisters Krisha and Raiza Orduna, six and three years old respectively, have voluntarily gave up their collected money on their piggy banks just to donate it to the evacuees of Marawi.

Based on their mother, the children are sad as to what happened to Marawi to where they saw on reports on television.

Altogether, the peso coins they have collected have summed up to P500.00 which will be used to buy canned goods which will be distributed to the evacuees.

There are so proud and happy for they have done. There was such a big heart enclosed in their innocence.

Watch the full report below:


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