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Monday, June 5, 2017

BREAKING: Maria Ressa of Rappler, an intelligent agent of ISIS?

Recently, the incident happened in Resorts World Manila was pronounced by Rappler that it was an ISIS attack, then some international media believing it as if Maria Ressa was an Intel Agent of the government.

Netizens online criticized her as part of the Yellow propaganda against the government by scaring filipinos and put blame to President Duterte. Is Maria Ressa a secret agent of ISIS?

Since now it was proven by the PNP that the incident was unrelated to terrorism, Maria Ressa once again making an alibi, does it really mean that she has a direct contact with ISIS?? When ISIS claimed the attack, why was she the very first person to know it instead of PNP????

You be the JUDGE my kababayan...


"Daw" Journalism

Rappler reported it was claimed by ISIS because one wire agency said that one site heard that ISIS claimed it to be theirs. This knowing full well that ISIS normally claims attacks that aren't theirs. And so all that was basis for their clickbait headline which they later edited to include their thirdhand source which didn't also get any confirmation whatsoever. "Sabi daw ni ano... daw." Daw Journalism.

Journalism teachers, please include the screenshot below and the articles in question, including clips of Maria's interview with CNN where she delved in grand speculation, in a presentation on shoddy and irresponsible journalism so we don't breed more of the menace that is Maria. (E.g. Maria: Huwag tularan)

This is the same Maria who would not accept Mocha's "symbolism" explanation.
At least in Mocha's case, prayers were being asked, and we know that we do have soldiers in harms way because Marawi is under siege and under Martial Law. Her use of that photo though not our military's and though used to attack and condemn her has no bearing on the most important facts, they don't change the facts: we have soldiers who need prayers.

Compare that with this. My golly. As one commenter to my post pointed out, apart from the fear she's sowed in people's hearts and minds, the damage on our economy and tourism, what Maria did may have even contributed to the deaths.

It is not impossible for people in Resorts World who, in the horror of things, scrambled to hide and when they had some time to call loved ones, they may have also checked their phones for updates on what was really going on. Sure there were people shouting "ISIS, ISIS" when the man started firing his gun, but what if they got the confirmation they needed from Rappler and CNN and so they chose to hide instead of evacuate? And because they hid, they were suffocated to death.

Speculative? Well, Maria started it.


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