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Friday, June 23, 2017

BUKINGAN NA! Yellowtards May Planong Pabagsakin ang Duterte Supporters Page

In this video of a well known Duterte-Marcos supporter Mr. Riyoh, He exposes that Liberal Party hired online hackers to hack the accounts of all the Duterte Supporters especially the Bloggers supporting President Duterte.

This is to sabotage and to manipulate the social media specifically Facebook. This is to make an appearance on social media that the Duterte Supporters one by one gets banned because they are the ones spreading "fake news" while the real reason is that LP is now controlling facebook.

He adds that upon his video against Gina Lopez, his original personal account gets banned on Facebook and eventually his back up accounts too. This is how powerful and influence the Yellows are.

Is it related to the Joel Villanueva's tactics on passing a bill charging anyone a 5Million peso if seems he or she spreading fake news online via facebook despite that some of the mainstream media agencies are proven to be the one spreading malicious and fake news against the Duterte administration not for once but for many times already?

Why Joel Villanueva did'nt start a bill like this against mainstream media and why only to facebook users? What are his real motives and the real reason behind his actions about this?

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Article by Admin Sofie



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