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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Former CNN Media Reporter Sinupalpal Ang mga Anti Duterte "Why do you wish ill of Duterte?"

The opposition was restless when President Rodrigo Duterte became temporarily invisible from the public scene which roused suspicions that he might be seriously ill or dying, much to the pleasure of the opposition.

However, Malacañang released photos of Duterte in tiptop shape going over papers and accompanied by Special Assistant Bong Go within the Presidential residence.

However, the opposition slighted the photos as possibly fake, or as former performer Jim Paredes calls it “creative imagination”.

“We do not need an answer coming from ‘creative imagination’. We want FACTS!” Paredes said in Twitter citing a news article.

Despite the evidence of Duterte’s good health and presidential obligations, critics remain adamant with their theories which compelled former CNN Philippine broadcaster Malou Tiquia to express her sentiments on the likes of anti-Dutertes who wish the President ill.

Tiquia pointed out that the opposition had long attacked Duterte “at all angles”, draining any opportunity or time for him to run through a situation first before being harshly judged.

The former reporter pleads why do the critics yearn to destroy the reputation of a man barely a year into his presidency.

Tiquia even challenged the critics to suggest ways to better deal with drugs, terrorism, and corruption in the country since they seem keen on slighting the President for the way he dealt with those national threats.

In her full post on Facebook, Tiquia said,

"To those who take the pedestal n appear to be so righteous, why do you wish ill of PRRD, a duly elected president? Why?

Why can't you give a duly elected president an elbow room, to manage our nation? Since the get go, you hv shot him at all angles. Nary a year has passed an impeachment was filed?

What do you want him to do? Sit and do nothing? Let it be business as usual? Don't run after those who pocketed n destroyed institutions?

If you were president, how would you deal w illegal drugs, terrorism, corruption of the past n the present, poverty, foreign policy and the economy? You guys seem to know more n can do well, right?

Please tell us. Let's have an honest conversation bec right now, we have a president who has not been given a break in less than a year...a space to move, some silence to think n gather energy to again do his job...n when he avails of quiet time, he is said to be ill and dying. Why do you wish ill of him?"

Source: Facebook

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