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Thursday, June 1, 2017

IN VIDEO: Manny Pacquiao Ni-lecturan Ang Mga LP Senators sa Issue sa Martial Law Sa Senado

Manny Pacquiao on Monday gave staunch assistancestating the country ought to be "grateful" for its powerful leader.

Duterte last week declared martial law within the southern Philippines to fight what he known as a increasing threat posed by Maute terrorist team, after militants rampaged through a city triggering deadly battles.

Activists, opposition lawmakers, and even a few of Duterte's allies criticized the choice, warning it may lead to legal rights violations and widen abuses amid his ongoing lethal drug war.
But Pacquiao, a high-profile supporter of Duterte and an elected senator, heaped praise around the president.

"We require to be grateful because we've a company, powerful president who is fighting these issues," Pacquiao told reporters.

"From my heart, I support the declaration of the president."
Pacquiao, 38, has also expressed assistance for Duterte's war on medication.
Human Rights Watch warned final week that Duterte's martial legislation "threatens military abuses in Mindanao that may rival the murderous 'drug war' in urban areas".

On Sunday, Duterte stated he'll disregard the Supreme Court and congress as he enforces martial legislation, even though the structure provides them oversight.
He experienced also told soldiers they could arrest individuals with out warrants and joked about troopers raping ladies, drawing outrage.

Malacañang later on clarified that Duterte will not defy the Supreme Courtroom in the event it guidelines against the declaration of martial legislation in Mindanao.
Pacquiao stated critics misunderstood Duterte.

"I know the president: he hates abusing the small individuals," Pacquiao stated. "He truly does not like it when the poor are abused."

Pacquiao, who like Duterte hails from Mindanao, insisted that martial law was necessary to secure the conflict-plagued area.
"The President understands what he is performing. It's for your great of our country."



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