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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

IN VIDEO: Photojournalist Na Hindi Sumunod sa Utos ng AFP Na Hindi Kunan ng Video ang Mga Militar on LIVE

Thinking Pinoy warns the controversial journalist Jez Aznar who is one of those covering Marawi City for his alleged involvement in exposing the positions of government snipers fighting against the Maute-ISIS group in Mindanao.

Thinking Pinoy also warned Jez Anzar to get out of Mindanao for his own good, because he is still in Marawi based from the information on his website.

Watch Original video posted by Jes Aznar on Social Media

Real full post of Thinking Pinoy below


The photo below shows photojournalist Jes Aznar, the guy who posted on Instagram on May 25 a freshly filmed video of government snipers in the middle of an encounter in the #MarawiClash. 

The Marawi Crisis broke out around the afternoon of May 23, so his video was less than 48 hours old when it was posted, contrary to his incredible claim that it was already three weeks old before it was uploaded. Moreover, his first IG post about the Marawi Siege was on May 25 itself, suggesting that the controversial video he posted on May 25 was indeed taken on the same day. 

In a June 16th post, or the same day I discovered his three-week-old IG post, I argued that Aznar's video, which basically revealed sniper positions, has likely compromised the safety and tactical advantage of AFP snipers.

Aznar essentially ignored AFP's May 24 request, which was for people to "refrain from posting in social media information that would exacerbate the situation."

According to your own website, you are still in Marawi. That's bad not only for the heroes of Marawi (because you're an idiot) but also for you (because you're an idiot). 

Mr. Aznar, let me remind you that Pres. Rody Duterte, on that same day, suspended the writ of habeas corpus in Mindanao, so you can be arrested anytime - - even without a warrant - - for aiding and abetting the Maute Rebels, whether out of hatred for the administration, or out of sheer stupidity. 

So I suggest that you board the first flight out before some AFP general orders your arrest because trust me, you will be no hero in the eyes of Filipinos. 

Yes, this is unsolicited advice from someone you called an idiot. 

That is how kind I am.

Isipin mo nga, di ko na kinuwento yung binenta mong video sa NYtimes last year. Pero sige, humala ka pa, and I'll make you a household name.

Yes, Jes, that's fear you're feeling right now. That is fear.


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