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Thursday, June 15, 2017

London’s political expert: ‘Duterte is the best President the Philippines has ever had’

“He is, simply put, the best President that the country has ever had and may have for some time.”
Adam Garrie, a political commentator from United Kingdom and the author of “The Duran”, described President Rodrigo Duterte as the best president of the Philippines.
“Duterte wants dignity, freedom and safety for his country. He is a uniquely patriotic and devoted individual who deserves support.”
The Duran narrated a brief history of the Philippines, specially the Filipino American War, since the Philippines was one out of other colonized country to watch for. Then the Moro’s breakout rebellion bombarded both the US and the Philippines.
As President Duterte said, he does not want Philippines to be treated as colony of other foreign nations. “President Rodrigo Duterte has pursued a foreign policy independent of US edicts and one which disregards the neo-clonial attitude of US funded NGOs,” The Duran cited.
The President is now dealing with the problems caused by the ISIS. Duterte is now having to face the troubles caused by the ISIS in the country because as Duterte becomes successful in realizing its goal to clean the Philippines, these terrorist groups will have a decline in their revenues, mainly from their drug business, Garrie stated in his blog.
Garrie also observed that some people does not support Duterte’s reforms. “Duterte has pledged to fight all of these threats but many in Philippines are not giving him the support nor the credit he deserves.” And that the opposition specially the Liberal Party opposes the declaration of Martial Law in Mindanao and pointed the said declaration to the decline of tourists in the island group. Garrie said that it was the presence of ISIS that affects the tourist turnout in Mindanao.
“Now, Duterte is facing yet another problem, the very real threat of a soft military power struggle against his Presidency. After initial reports that the Philippine government requested US assistance in fighting ISIS, a request confirmed by the United States, President Duterte has stated that no such request originated from himself or his colleagues,” said Garrie.
Garrie said in times like this the officials and the people must support PRRD. He also stated that PRRD was best one to celebrate the Independence Day among the past leaders. “ The very independence celebrated on the 12th of June is better represented by Duterte than any previous Philippine leader in the modern age,” he said.
Garrie also stated that Duterte was the last best hope for the Filipinos and the Philippines and the best president this country has ever had.
“Duterte is the last best hope for the Philippine people and the Philippine nation. He is, simply put, the best President that the country has ever had and may have for some time,” Garrie said.
Garrie observed that Duterte was also a strategist for developing relationships with China. That our president ‘understands that while building new bridges, one must not burn the old.’ He maintained his friendship to Donald Trump while expressing that Philippines would never submit to America and treated as its colony.
“President Duterte is a man uniquely moved by a patriotic purpose and uniquely guided by the hand of destiny. If his plans are embraced, Philippines stands the real chance to enter into a new, more peaceful and more prosperous age. If Duterte is rejected, the Philippine people will have rejected their best chance at achieving true independence in every sense: political, military, economic and even spiritual.”


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