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Monday, June 26, 2017

LOOK: Trillanes Gustong Ipa Portray si Jericho Rosales Bilang Siya Sa Biopic at Si Jenelyn Mercado ang Leading Lady

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV had a fun time with his supporters in an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on social media site Reddit Thursday.
Trillanes who known to be private and not talking openly about his private life in public, didn’t hesitate to answer the questions of the netizens about different things.
A Redditor asked senator Trillanes if someone produced a biopic movie for him for Metro Manila Film Festival, who’s the actor that he wanted to portray him. The Redditor also asked if who’s the actor that fits to portray President Duterte in his movie.
“In your MMFF entry biopic, which actor do you want to play YOU? Who do you want to play the role of Duterte?” The Redditor asked.
Sen. Trillanes answered the question of his fans on Reddit
The senator didn’t hesitated to answer the question of the Redditor and he said that he wanted Jericho Rosales to portray him in his biopic.
But Trillanes hit the President again and he said that no actor is born yet that ‘looks evil enough’ to portray Duterte.
“Haha Jericho Rosales, maybe. For Duterte… hmmm. there is no actor born yet that looks evil enough to play the part.” Trillanes told the Redditor.
Someone also asked Trillanes if there’s an actress that he wanted to became the leading lady of Jericho Rosales in his movie.
“and the leading lady is?.. common Mr. Senator just for fun :). cheers!” the Redditor asked Trillanes.
Trillanes answered “Jennylyn Mercado. Hehe :)”
It seems that the senator loves Jericho Rosales and Jennylyn Mercado that he chose them to became the cast of his biopic.
Rosales and Mercado is not yet giving any statement if they would accept the offer to cast the biopic movie of Trillanes.
Would you watch the biopic of senator Antonio Trillanes IV if someone really produced a movie for him?
In another question, Trillanes for the first time told the netizens what’s the good thing about President Duterte.
“Good thing? He is a good propagandist,” said Trillanes
Trillanes also approved the no smoking policy enforced by his political nemesis.
“Probably his no smoking policy,” he said, referring to the executive order Duterte signed last month banning smoking in public places.

source: PinoyTrending

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