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Sunday, June 18, 2017

"Magdasal na lang kayo":Duterte will not issue his true state of health to enemies

No way, Jose.
President Rodrigo Duterte ‎is not planning to give the opposition his true state of health under any circumstances.

“My state of health is what you see is what you get. You want an operation?‎ Pag ‘di pa gani ninyo ako makita ng limang araw, eh patay na ‘yan,” ‎said Duterte in an interview in Butuan Saturday, his first public appearance after taking a five-day rest.

“Kung hindi ako lumabas, in coma or whatever the speculation is, then if it’s about a month wala nang president at sabihin in coma, may mag verify doon, kayong lahat, sabihin mo na na ‘O, time— time for change’,” said Duterte who admitted that his last medical examination was a week ago.
Duterte said his true state of health was “immaterial” anyway considering that whatever happened to him, there was no risk of haiving a power vacuum because Vice President Leni Robredo would take over.

“Ayaw pa ninyo ‘yan? Baka isang araw, baka isang taon lang, bago na naman. Bagong Presidente. Masyado ako na — I am good while I am alive,” said Duterte.‎ “Sabihin mo nalang doon sa mga kalaban ko na magdasal na lang kayo para ma…”

Duterte said that the opposition should know better than to order him around.
“Ganon’ ako. I do not need anybody to ask me where I’m going. Ganon’ talaga. You must learn from the Davao media,” he said.

The 72-year old leader said the public ‎must be ready to get used to him taking more extended rest days for the rest of his term.

‎”Do not worry about a one day, two days absence. Baka nasanay na kayo kay Marcos noon ‘no, na na-operahan, may sakit lupus tapos he could not appear for so many days,l said Duterte referring to the late President Ferdinand Marcos who also grappled with public concerns on his health a few months before the 1985 snap elections.
[source] - Politiko

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