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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Mike Enriquez, binastos harap-harapan si Leni Robredo

A live interview on DZBB with news anchor Mike Enriquez and Vice President Leni Robredo became embarrassing for Robredo when Enriquez asked her “masyado daw kayo ambisyosa?”.

A surprised Robredo initially gave a sheepish smile saying “oo, narining ko na” while laughing timidly.

Enriquez gave it another go when he said, “masyado raw ambisyosa si Leni Robredo” referring to the comments made by Robredo’s dissenters.

Robredo defended herself saying that it is a common accusation against her that she yearns to be president which is probably why she is labelled as ambitious.

Enriquez explained that it had not only been Robredo who was suspected of wanting the presidency because the “number one” function of the vice president is to succeed the president when s/he is unable to lead the nation.

“Yun yung mahirap kasi parati magkakaroon ng paratang na ganyan kasi mahirap kung tingnan natin kung ano yung specific na functions ng vice president, ang nakalagay nga na lang na prepared sha to lead should something happen to the president ,” Robredo explained, concurring Enriquez’s statement.

“Parating suspect na merong ganitong pagnanasa, pero sino man nakakilala sa akin alam na hindi [yan] totoo,” Robredo added.

The interview reaped more reactions as netizens noted how often Enriquez says “ah, ganun?” every after Robredo’s explanations which come off as the news achore being sarcastic or unbelieving of Robredo’s replies.

Enriquez also asked what the Vice President’s plans were in terms of running for the presidency to which Robredo simply replied that she had no intentions of joining the presidential elections.

Enriquez made Robredo emphasize her claims of having no intentions to run, even asking if it was her final decision.

Robredo confidently affirmed.

Watch the video below:


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