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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Watch: Human Trafficker Admits to Killing Over 400 Children in Chilling Video Confession

Did you know that over 20.9 million people worldwide fall victim to human trafficking? According to the International Labor Organization, 26% of this number is children and 55% are young girls and women.
Human tracking has been in existence for centuries. It is referred to as slavery in the olden times. And while slave trade has long been abolished, tracking is still on the rise, with human trackers forcing victims to do sexual favors or other services that are against their will.
Human trafficking is considered one of the major crimes all over the world that is why most of the criminals committing this crime would not admit their wrong doings. This is a very serious topic to discuss; you don’t just sit down in an ice cream parlor chatting to human traffickers on how their business is going.
So just imagine how this award winning journalist went through after an interview with a human trafficker who admitted to kill over 400 children in his 7 year “career”.
A renowned British investigative journalist Ross Kemp had the chance to have a no holds bar interview with a human trafficker who admits that he actually lost count on how many young girls he had killed, but gave a rough estimation of 400 to 500. He also admitted he sold girls as young as 12 years old.
The monster that was named “Mr. Khan” in the interview revealed that in the past 7 years, what he mostly looked for are potential sex slaves.
He shared that their strategy is to visit poor communities in search for “real beauties”. Most of his victims came from tribal and Muslim community, these victims actually experienced the same fate as those girls in the movie “Taken” where they will be auctioned and sold to the highest bidder.

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