LOOK: Military sniper kills the Maute sniper who killed his ‘kumpare’: “Nakaisa na ako para sa iyo, pare” - Daily Buzz PH


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Saturday, July 1, 2017

LOOK: Military sniper kills the Maute sniper who killed his ‘kumpare’: “Nakaisa na ako para sa iyo, pare”

A touching story was shared by a veteran military sniper who lost his friend after being caught by a bullet from Maute Terrorist sniper.

In the report of GMA News, the military sniper who’s using his code name: Black Eagle, a sniper instructor of AFP, narrated how he took revenge for the death of his ‘kumpare’ Marine TSgt. Aldrin Dinglasan and killed the sniper who ended the life of one of his best buddies.

Black Eagle said that he doesn’t affected anymore if he killed an enemy, but killing terrorist in Marawi is something totally different for it had become a personal crusade for him.

He recalled his conversation with Dinglasan, before his buddy deployed to Marawi City to fight against terrorist group, “Pag namatay ako sa Marawi sundan mo ako, ibawi mo ako.”

But after being deployed to Marawi, Dinglasan was unfortunately hit by the Maute Sniper.

Black Eagle said that he had the chance to talk to him on the phone while sniper fire rang in the background.

After the death of Dinglasan, a godfather to his eldest child, Black Eagle was deployed in Marawi to reinforce ground troops.

Black Eagle claims four ‘confirmed kills’ during his mission in Marawi City and remembers every detail of the first one because it was the promise he had made to his kumpare.

He also shared that he was position at one of the buildings in Marawi’s business district, trying to spot and kill members of the Maute group.
After patiently waiting for a target, he finally noticed some movement. A Maute fighter carrying a sniper rifle rushing out of a building and quickly crossing the street.

Black Eagle relaxed himself and took a deep breath while zeroing in on his target. After he pull the trigger of his sniper rifle, the spotter informed him that he successfully hit the target and killing him from a distance of 400 meters.

“Hit!” said the spotter beside him.

Black Eagle was surprised when his comrade informed him that he killed the sniper who ended the life of his best buddy.

“Ang sabi ng tropa, yung nadale ko – yun yung (Maute sniper) na nakapatay sa kumpare ko,” he said.
In silence, he reflected, “Sabi ko sa sarili ko, nakaisa na ako para sa iyo, pare.”

Now, Black Eagle already fulfilled the promise he made to his fallen comrade. He’s still in Marawi City to witness the end of the crisis and the fall of the Maute Terrorist Group.

Source: GMA News

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